The Yoe Distribution

Meet Yoe

The Yoe Distribution will help you efficiently build and maintain products using Embedded Linux.


Simple directory structure and tooling means you'll spend less time figuring out complex tooling and more time doing real work.

Sane Defaults and Templates

Yoe includes default policies and templates so you don't spend hours searching for obscure settings to enable a commonly used feature.


Ever had your build break when you updated your build machine OS? No more! Yoe provides a simple Docker container to simplify building over your product lifecycle.

Well Documented

Clear documentation is provided so you can quickly accomplish common tasks and better understand how Yocto/OpenEmbedded works.

Broad support

Yoe supports whatever you are working on: ARM/ARM64/x86/x86-64/ppc64/mips/mips64/RISCV64/RISCV32

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